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  1. Junkware Removal Tool can remove this adware. There's also several other as well such as MalwareBytes Antimalware and AdwCleaner, update Malwarebytes antimalware and do a full system scan. Update SuperAntiSpyware and do a full system scan. You can follow the instructions from here and
  2. Might be a good thing to monitor this program! Who knows what will happen next? Another false positive on the new file and again there will be a new version of this tool which is corrected?
  3. Thanks.
  4. I don't know maybe it doesn't detect anything suspicious i.e. malware, spyware, adware, PUP, or etc. Tracking cookies will be easily detected. If you did a full system scan with your ESET AV and MBAM and it comes clean then your SAS should come clean. Remember to protect your computer in the following below: 1) Make sure your current Windows OS is at least Windows 7 or 8 with the latest service pack. 2)Install antivirus and keep it current 3) Make sure all your other programs i.e. Java, Flash, Adobe products, and etc are the latest version. 4) Make sure your other antispyware software i.e. MBAM and Superantispyware program are the latest version. 5) Download programs from the official website. 6) Don't click on random links that you don't know. 7) Use common sense. These way your computer won't get infected or attacked by malware.
  5. Hi GuiltySpark, Just out of curiosity! Can this tool be used by qualified malware experts in forums such as Avast, MBAM, and etc so they can assist users to get rid of malware. If so, perhaps I could tell them about this tool to malware experts if/ haven't known about this tool? By the way, I scanned this program from the latest malware definition of SAS and it reports as clean.
  6. Uninstall it via add/remove since it's still there? As GuiltySpark mentioned run AdwCleaner and attach logs so it can be analysed by him. Do the same for Malwarebytes Antimalware. I suggest you uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials as it is not a good antivirus. Uninstall MSE and do a manual restart of your computer. Either install AVG/Avast
  7. Pretty sure SAS will be compatible with Windows 10. Bare in mind that Windows 10 is still in beta stage and will change from time to time. Be patience for a more precious answer to your question.
  8. No antispyware/adware programs are 100% in detecting threats and that goes same for antivirus software. What version of SAS do you have? SAS Pro and Free is compatible with installed antivirus software and I don't think it will cause an issue in the functions of two of them. I have SAS Pro and Avast Antivirus and both of them works great.
  9. Follow the instructions below, maybe something didn't work out properly: Uninstall SAS via add/remove, follow instructions, and do a manual reboot of your computer. Download the SuperAntiSpyware uninstaller assistant. Go to Superantispyware website, click on support, on the heading that says Top Customer Issues and help click on the 1st link. Scroll down a bit and you will see two version of SuperAntispyware uninstaller assistant 32-bit and 64-bit. Download the correct tool that correspond to your Windows OS. If your Windows OS is 64-bit, download the 64-bit version of Superantispyware uninstaller assistant. Download that tool, manually run your computer in safe mode, and run that tool and follow the instructions. After that download and install a fresh copy of Superantispyware and after it gets installed do a manual reboot of your computer.
  10. Submit a support ticket
  11. I had a sort of a similar issue with SAS last year on my desktop. SAS Pro does install but it won't show the GUI and the icon bar on the right hand corner doesn't show at all. Had a big hard mission to solve this one up, with thanks to Superantispyware support it was able to install and show up the GUI and also the icon bar. Did you try to uninstall SAS via add/remove, do a manual reboot, and download SAS uninstall utility ( 32 bit/64 bit - download the correct one accordingly to your operating system) and run it in safe mode? Try doing that and after that install a fresh new copy of SAS and do a manual reboot. Try doing that, if it still doesn't help and can submit a support ticket to Superantispyware Support.
  12. Download Superantispyware uninstaller assistant and run it in safe mode. After that download and install SuperAntispyware. After it gets installed reboot your computer manually. Note: The Superantispyware uninstaller assistant has two versions one for 32-bit and the other for 64-bit. Download the correct version accordingly to your Windows OS
  13. Try uninstalling SAS via add/remove and do a manual restart. After that use SuperAntiSpyware removal tool in safe mode. Recently SAS released a new version. Version number 6.0.1170. Install the new version and after install do another manual restart.
  14. When you uninstalled Kaspersky via add/remove did you use Kaspersky removal tool by running it in safe mode? If no, run the removal tool in safe mode. It can be found here
  15. There are two possible cause for this issue: 1) Your dial-up connection sometimes causes connectivity problems/connections issue from the ISP. 2) Problem with the SAS Server. I have broadband connection and I don't seem to have this issue.