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  1. And make sure you Backup! Backup! Backup! It saves so much hassle.
  2. Thanks for the blog mention
  3. Instability would be the main one I think, having to at times re-install certain drivers especially network cards etc just because of an update. I also don't agree that it's faster than other OSs, if you get down to it you'll find by default it's set to hibernate thus making it seem faster but turn that off and it's no different. Also it's a lot more automated, I don't like that. I want complete control over my system which is why I'm sticking with Vista as a Windows OS and Linux mainly as I begin full (as much as I can in my work) transition. I honestly believe MS have shot themselves in the foot with their new direction, maybe they're looking towards the corporate structure more and if so great for them, but I think they are on the bridge of a market share collapse. My opinion only of course.
  4. I still prefer Deft
  5. No I don't really go in for pentesting, I prefer forensics side of things.
  6. No worries, no harm done. I've never used fiverr so I don't know what their SEOs like. The only reason I said about the review thing is because people see through it and that makes them think twice. How long have you been using Kali?
  7. I see you've removed the reviews, I take it I was right about the Alec wham thing? I also hope you don't use loic and you're letting your clients know that they will have to inform their hosting company that a ddos is about to be performed as a test otherwise they may run into issues with their host.
  8. I can no longer access your website, is that the one you're referring to? Nope not me. And I can access it now looks better.
  9. So how do you execute it?
  10. Are you sure you want brute honesty? Well OK. First off I would remove the annoying gif background as it's very off-putting, hurts your eyes after a while. Second, obviously needs more content if you really want to be indexed, written content not images. Third, you say you can run ddos tests on a website using a few Kali tools, I'm interested as to how you get a ddos to work from a terminal, a DOS maybe but should be harmless from a terminal. You also ask for site login details why? You don't need this to ddos / DOS or pentest a site. Comes across as dodgy Fourth, who is Mralpca? Is that you or a colleague? The site suggests you but refers to another. Fifth, never lie to your potential clients / customers, let's be honest alecwham is you isn't it? Finally, what is Other than that it's good to see you're plugging away are you really Oxford educated?
  11. I have it on a test machine, I'm not that impressed with it to be honest as I just don't see the fascination. Also on a side note, I used to use Edge on SuseStudio to create distros and recently (since the creators update) I can no longer test drive the distros, Flash player is enabled but for some reason I'm told I need to download FPlayer. Now this could just be down to SuseStudio (they are having issues at present) but before the update everything was working fine. I would have to say though I would not buy Win 10 nor would I want to live with it as a main system, there are after all many better choices out there.
  12. Can you give us more information? What search are you referring to? Did you uninstall using Windows uninstall or download the SAS uninstaller? Are there any error messages / codes on the blue screen?
  13. The publisher unknown is a possibility in Win 10 although it should say Farbar. You should always select Run as Administrator when using this program. It is a safe program and one I use quite a bit. I believe those pics are genuine I was just asking about the overlay in case you had a RAM issue. Google will always be on a system somewhere you'd be surprised just where you can find their components.
  14. Hi redex I'm not sure about that pic as it appears to be overlayed a few times, but the frst log shows a couple of issues not much to worry about though. Copy this text log to a notepad and save it as Fixlist to the frst folder. Select Run Fix After that I would suggest uninstalling BKAV as you don't need it when you're already running Avira.
  15. They could be trace files left over from installers and such. If you're really worried then you could download FRST Download the appropriate version for your system and save it to your desktop inside a folder called FRST. Run the program and attach the two log files.