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  1. Definition Update Error Download Incomplete

    Must be fixed because I don't have any problems with the updates now.
  2. Windows 10 Creators Update

    Totally agree. I'm still running two Win 7 computers until the death of Win 7 or the computers. The push for Win 10 forced me into buying a Mac which I use as my main system now.
  3. Weekend Updates?

    Good job on the weekend updates this weekend. Keep up the good work.
  4. Weekend Updates?

    The point is other people are paying money to be protected. With no updates on the weekend, what kind of protection is that? Sure there are many with Lifetime Licenses. I have 4 of them and SAS caught some things in the past for me also. I agree with you, if I didn't have a Lifetime License I wouldn't buy the Pro Version either unless SAS starts making updates 24/7.
  5. Weekend Updates?

    kenw, you must be the only one getting weekend updates. If your Core Definition is: 12047 at the time of this post (Sept 7, 1210 PM, EST) then your not getting Weekend Updates. Look at the Update List for the year and see how many updates were missed on the weekend.
  6. Weekend Updates?

    I'm wondering if SAS is off the Holiday Weekend? Last update: September 4, 3:41 PM - PDT. Core Definitions: 12047 No updates: Saturday Sept 5. EST Sunday Sept 6. EST Monday Sept 7. EST Looking forward to the SAS updates on Tuesday if they are taking the long weekend off. I know the computer hackers are off this long Holiday Weekend.
  7. Weekend Updates?

    I'm wondering if it's Deja Vu again?
  8. Weekend Updates?

    Is SAS slacking off on the weekend updates? (Just asking) No updates on: 23 - Sunday 29 - Saturday 30 - Sunday
  9. Automatically Quarantine Detected Items

    Thank you GS for the post. Btw: SAS was the ONLY security software to detect and remove the PUP (Coupon Printer) on my computer. Kudo's SAS!
  10. Automatically Quarantine Detected Items

    Thanks Dennis, but that's not it. That deletes the threats already in quarantine. What I am looking for is when SAS is in real-time and detects a threat it will not put that threat in quarantine automatically. SAS would show the threat, but I would have to OK it to quarantine. This setting helps if SAS puts out a False Positive, that FP will not be put into quarantine.
  11. I'm running the Free Version of V.6 now and will be switching to the Pro Version. Where is the setting for "Automatically Quarantine Detected Items" located in version 6? I would like to disable this setting so I can see the Item detected and I have a choice to put it in quarantine.
  12. Forum Outage

    Thanks and Kudos to the SAS Team for getting the Forum up and running again without wiping out all of the existing data. Good job.
  13. Happy New Year

    Happy New Year to the SAS Team and All Forum Members.
  14. Running V.5.6 Pro. Noticed faster scan time and low memory usage. Great improvement!
  15. Trojan.Agent/Gen-Kryptik

    Didn't we hear this before a few years ago