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  1. Clients will time out if they fail to contact the server for a period of time. This can happen for many reasons. If they are all timing out then I would guess that the server goes offline for a period of time or the network connection has an issue. All detected items are quarantined automatically by default.
  2. Moe, I have changed these two detections to potentially unwanted application (PUP) status. I believe YAC is on our PUP list because the program comes bundled with 3rd party software and is known for reinstalling itself when removed. PUP status means SUPERAntiSpyware users will be notified of YAC as a potentially unwanted program, but will have to choose to remove the program, as it is not set for removal by default. If you have made changes to YAC where it is no longer bundled with 3rd party software, we may be able to give your request consideration, the link to submit a vendor dispute is available here: Thanks.
  3. Download and reinstall Comodo w/ GeekBuddy.
  4. Blinky44, I'm not sure why removing GeekBuddy would cause you to lose your internet connection, but you should be able to restore GeekBuddy (or files that may be have been removed related to Comodo) from Quarantine in SUPERAntiSpyware. Open SUPERAntiSpyware > System Tools > Quarantine We are considering this detection a false positive, and the rule has been disabled. These changes will be published within the next hour with database version 11883. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  5. Syncopator, I asked around the office to find an answer for you. This used to be a link to our Technician's Edition software, which can be found here:
  6. Syncopator, I'm not sure what you mean by online scan, could you clarify? Scanning is still available in SUPERAntiSpyware Free.
  7. Movrshakr, There should a thumbs up next to the PUP listing, give it a thumbs up, and we won't bother you about it anymore.
  8. BeteB, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I agree this was a false positive. I've adjusted our definitions, and the file should no longer be detected as of release 11861, which will be published a little later on today.
  9. This was a false warning, there's nothing to do except update SUPERAntiSpyware definitions.
  10. Tony, I'm not sure why your ticket was closed, and I'm sorry if we caused you any inconvenience. I've sent a reply to your support ticket.
  11. Nomerci, Thanks for reporting this detection. We have updated the definition database, and this file should no longer be detected when we publish definitions version 11841 later today.
  12. Tvac3, We changed this detection to show as a PUP instead of a Trojan. This change will go live when we publish definitions update 11805 later today. Thanks for the report.
  13. Glad we could help, LxCi.
  14. Terry, Please submit a support request here:
  15. Faast, Thanks for the report. We are aware of the issue with definition updates and are currently working to resolve it.