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  2. Only ONE detected item

    Until recently, I had numerous detected items, primarily (or all?) tracking cookies, upon each run of SUPERAntiSpyware. Now every time I run it I get exactly one detected item each run. My web browsing habits have changed little. Seems odd. Should I be concerned?
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  5. SUPERAntiSpyware keeps re-starting

    It has stopped doing it now, hasn't done it since last Tuesday, so not sure what to do. Leave it and see what happens?
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  7. SUPERAntiSpyware keeps re-starting

    Hello Booms, What I'd like you to do is to submit a customer support ticket so we can get some more detailed information about your system in order to help.
  8. SUPERAntiSpyware keeps re-starting

    Hi, No, there are no scheduled scans arranged.
  9. any plans for new features?

    Hello ezekial52787, We have nothing to reveal at this time but we are in the process of developing SUPERAntiSpyware Version 7, which will include new features
  10. SUPERAntiSpyware keeps re-starting

    hello Booms, Do you have a scheduled scan set for a time that takes place while you are away from your computer?
  11. I have just got a new PC, and for some reason, if I exit the SUPERAntiSpyware program, upon returning to my PC it has started up again. I have not got it checked in Preferences to automatically start up, and never had this problem before on my old PC. Does anyone have any suggestions, please?
  12. any plans for new features?

    so I can't help but notice, that in the last couple of numbered program updates, there hasn't really been any neww features or technology added to SaS. I mean like stuff that makes people go "wow! SaS added anti-exploit protection" etc. It makes me kinda feel like SaS is going stale. This situation, to me, feels kinda like when SaS first debuted, and no one even recognized it as a real anti-spyware program, in fact, some thought it was malware itself, but, you guys pulled a rabbit out of the hat, and worked to make SaS good and recognized by anti-virus companies and othern anti-malware companies like malwarebytes, so, I believe in you guys, and I think you can do it again! SaS needs some pep put in its step. Like how for so long malwarebytes anti-malware was strictly just anti-malware, but then added anti-exploit capabilities. They also acquired famous programs like adwcleaner and JRT. I think you guys have the potential to one up malwarebytes, like you did in the beginning. YOU CAN DO EET!
  13. How does System Investigator work?

    Ok so i voted but i still dont see any comments.. What should i do? If you have an answer, please let me know!
  14. How does System Investigator work?

    Yea sorry about that I am surprised though that a lot of the windows system files are rated as unknown, I would've thought they would've been accepted as known good from the start. I suppose it can be difficult when a file path is along the lines of %windows%xxx//xxxx-blah as they could be temp files and therefore possible malware but aren't they digitally signed?
  15. How does System Investigator work?

    Hey GS, System Investigator users who have left down-voted comments haven't submitted very helpful stuff or it's been abusive (profanity in all languages possible) or sometimes flat out weird so it's been difficult for us to consistently manage that. We had to filter much of it out at the beginning to eventually we haven't published down-voted comments except in rare circumstances.We did keep the voting system of course as you can see it is active and live.
  16. How does System Investigator work?

    Well that's the Up-voted comments, now where's the Down-voted comments? I know I've said plenty of crap about Adobe and their Flash Player not to mention Adobe Air. Why don't you get a full list of users comments? I'm pretty sure not too many people would've left anything.
  17. Happy2Save

    Hello JoJotheMonkeyBoy, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We are currently looking into this unwanted program. What I'd like you to do is to submit a customer support ticket so we can get some more detailed information about your system in order to help remove this PUP from your system. Gabe Burch Primary Malware Researcher SUPERAntiSpyware
  18. How does System Investigator work?

    Hello Casperfox, System Investigator shows you files of interest on your system located in key areas (most common infection points). Running programs, installed programs, browser plugins, programs with shortcuts on your desktop, start menu, etc; programs in the registry, temp folders, internet cache folders, document folders, etc. If it's running or configured to run (automatically), it should be in that list. Everything found on your system will be checked against our whitelist database of millions of files and trusted software publishers to determine what's good and it gets moved to it's own category so you can safely ignore those. Items that aren't in our whitelist ("Unknown Items") are able to be voted on by our users. Voting will move the item into a different list to narrow down your real list of "Unknowns", and helps our malware researchers add items to our whitelist or identify potential threats or unwanted programs. Everyone sees vote counters for unknown items to help identify good/bad files. You can leave a comment/note when you vote and you can view the comments from other users on the file details.SAS Pro Feature: See changes to the files in these key areas within a selected time period. If something has messed with a program, or added itself, you'll see right away! For your question, you can see other users comments by clicking the Magnifying glass(Explore information about this item) and scrolling down to the bottom. If a comment exists, it will be under "User Votes and Comments"
  19. Happy2Save

    I would like to know why the Happy2Save adware isn't handles by SuperAntispyware. this thing keeps changing the extensions to filetype happy2save and is taking over my computer. I have used SAS since 2009 but this happy2save keeps coming back forcing me to download other antispyware programs just to delete this one invasive spy. What can be done?
  20. Hi. Im new to using the System Investigator thing on SUPERAntiSpyware. Here is my question. How can you see what users say about the files that show up. You can type a comment but how do i see other users comments on that files or program? Thanks!
  21. heuristic.backdoor.process

    Hello DxTrEm3Fx, Thank you for mentioning this false detection. I have adjusted the definition database and this file should no longer be detected as of database version 14148 (which will be released in the next few hours). Update to 14148 and scan again (a restart of SAS may be required). Please let me know if this solves your issue, or if you have any other questions or concerns. Gabe Burch Primary Malware Researcher SUPERAntiSpyware
  22. Conflict with Trend Micro

    Hello Savannah Dan, Thank you for contacting us! This is a False Positive by Trend Micro, do not remove that registry entry. That registry entry most likely relates to SUPERAntiSpywares uninstaller.
  23. Conflict with Trend Micro

    I have been running SAS and TM together for a while. Last week TM said it found incompatible Software and wants to uninstall string {CDDCBBF1-2703-46BC-938B-BB81A1EEAAA}. What will happen if I let TM uninstall this SAS string? I am running Windows 7 on this Panasonic CF-30 Toughbook. This is my maintenance laptop that I use to work on my cars and boat.
  24. heuristic.backdoor.process

    I have not thamks for the advise.
  25. heuristic.backdoor.process

    Have you tried uploading it to VirusTotal as it may be a FP?
  26. Superantispyware real-time protection keeps detecting heuristic.backdoor.process. What is this and why is it happing? This just started in the last two weeks. In the years I have been using SAS I have never seen this. How do I get rid of it and how do I make sure I'm protected? I'm currently running SAS, Malwarebytes, Hitmanpro64 and adware cleaner by Malwarebytes. I'm using virus protection from Windows 10.
  27. Scan and delete immediately

    Hello Flamencoguy, Thank you for the suggestions. 1) Users experiencing a slow removing process depends on a few factors, such as the availability of CPU/RAM, if you have other programs and hogging resources, and especially if your removing cookies and a browser is open. 2) This would remove the choice for users to unselect items that were detected but do not want removed. Having a removal process occur while scanning would also slow the whole process down quite a bit. 3) A "bypass" would cause browser instability and cause a crash. SUPERAntiSpyware has an option to close web browsers before a scan. This is located under Scan This Computer -> Recommend Pre-Scan actions section. 4) If you own the Professional Edition, you can set a Scheduled Scan to shutdown the PC after a set scheduled scan.
  28. Scan and delete immediately

    The removal process takes forever but the scan is much quicker. Why is that? Why not do the scan and remove the cookies or tracking objects immediately after detection while detecting the next issue. Perhaps on option to bypass files being held (locked) by the browser. Or to close the browsers before scanning. Or an option to scan and shutdown the PC after the scan. I could leave the computer on when I go to bed and it could work while I am not using it. On next start you can flash the stats if anyone needs to have a look.
  29. Only 1 result after a full scan

    Depends on your browser setup and which sites you visit, some sites have no cookies others like the news sites have a ton. Your browser may also be designed to delete cookies automatically or open in private mode, either way the cookies aren't a major problem.
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