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  3. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1248 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes
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  6. Hi Dunexx Please create a support ticket Thanks
  7. After a Quick Scan or the Full scan, the Cleaning is super Slow, less than 1 cookie per second! This was never the case until a few months ago. Reinstallation did not help. I use windows 10 64bit professional, on SSD. Please advise.
  8. Sounds like you did a Factory Reset, this would bring back all previous files / programs that were on the system when bought new. Check your user account to see if you are classed as User, Guest, or Administrator.
  9. I have no answer to that there are too many variables that could be in place, it's something that only you can see so you would have to keep an eye on it to see if it happens again. One place to check however, is the EventViewer, this would display errors that may have occurred and might shed some light on the issue.
  10. I had to reset my computer because it was running horribly. After the reset I downloaded SAS but with the ACER reset it brought back McAfee with it which I deleted a long time ago. Now not only has McAfee taken over but now there are literally hundreds of new files on my system I can't get rid of because it says I am not the administrator and I am the only one who uses this computer. Please help.
  11. Hi Spark, When this happened and after I did the things I described above, I clicked on the bug icon, and it completely disappeared. In disgust I turned off the computer and went to bed. But.. surprise!!! After starting it up this morning, SAS window came up and a scan was started, no problem. So I take it the problem is gone. What remains is my curiosity: what happened..?
  12. 2 things to try. 1. Restart your computer. A simple restart can do wonders to reset things. 2. Check that the bug icon in the task bar is showing and see if you can click it.
  13. I have my SAS set to do a complete scan every day at 6.00pm. I just came home and the window of SAS was open, I saw it had scanned 0 files in 4 hour and 45 minutes. I tried to close the window which didn't work. I did a forced stop, and when I wanted to start from the short cut it didn't react, then I went to my programs and clicked on "Alternate Start", no reaction, on "Help", no reaction, "professional" no reaction and "registration" no reaction. What do I do now?? Thank you in advance for any help. Milli
  14. If cfowler cannot update MBAM as well, it sounds like an issue with the OS and how connections are handled. Cfowler please run the Complete Internet Repair: You can download it at this link- Complete Internet Repair 3 (Build 2852) Download and run the application. When the application opens, make sure every box is checked then click 'Go!'. This should resolve the issue you have been having.
  15. Sorry to hear this cfowler, can you try to update via this method ; Edit Seems like you posted the same thing on MBAM forums, a problem with your system or just spam???
  16. I've always gotten this message when attempting to update. So I Uninstall, re-install and I STILL get the MotherF'ing error. Love this program but I'm ready to scrap it for good!!!!!!
  17. How to protect your PC from Petya/GoldenEye ransomware There are two ways this strain of ransomware is infecting large businesses, governments, and other entities around the world: An attack via a vulnerable Windows Server Message Block (SMB) service which windows uses to share Files/Printers across networks. The Microsoft PxExec tool with admin credentials from target computer. These problems have been patched by Microsoft, but there are still users out there who have not downloaded the patches for their Windows Operating Systems so the ransomware keeps spreading. To fight back and protect yourself from this global ransomware attack make sure you do the following: 1) You have Windows Automatic Updates turned on and you are up to date. If you don’t have auto update on, you can download the security update for your version of Windows HERE 2) Make sure your copy of SUPERAntiSpyware is the latest edition and is current with the latest definitions. If you own the Professional Edition, make sure Real-Time Protection is enabled. 3)Backing up your computer regularly and keeping a recent backup copy not connected to any PC. We recommend using Online Backup which we offer on our online shopping cart as an optional offer when purchasing SUPERAntiSpyware Professional.
  18. SUPERAntiSpyware Professionals real-time protection would automatically detect and delete it if ransomware got onto your system and/or tried to execute.This will happen if SUPERAntiSpyware detects the ransomware(A definition exists), as well as similar variants of the ransomware. We put in definitions daily to go after all the ransomware you mentioned.
  19. BlahBlah, we do not have a Firefox plug-in. It sounds like the shop you went to reset your Firefox and thus you lost all your history and bookmarks, We cannot restore these things you are requesting us to restore.
  20. Not sure what they were referring to in Firefox plugin, the only thing I can think of was the old superadblocker but I didn't think that even existed anymore (I could be wrong). If they used the SAS program however, it will remove cookies and cache files if asked to, maybe the repair shop allowed it to remove all of those without consulting you first. The chances are they are gone but there is a slim chance they are still in the quarantine ffolder of the program. How long ago did they repair your computer?
  21. I took my netbook to a local computer place - they ran some scans and apparently installed your free product - and added it as a plug-in to FireFox (52.0?). I got it back and all my Firefox data is gone: all the open tabs, all the history, all the bookmarks. They claim they only ran 3 scans, and came up with one virus unrelated to Firefox. So how did SUPERAntiSpyware get in there, and how do I get my data back? Thanks.
  22. There is some protection for certain ransomware for example; In this list you can see wannacrypt.exe you may have to go through the others to see what other ransomwares are there, but these are changing daily as are the malware codes themselves so it's an ongoing process. I would wait until someone more informed answers though, as they will have more knowledge on these matters.
  23. What protection is there for ransomware in SAS? Is it automatically detected at runtime? Wannacry, Petya, Golden Eye etc...
  24. The updates go out to systems before the page is updated that's all.
  25. What does it mean after a Database Update when the Database Version# in the program and the webpage giving the version information don't match??? [e.g.: the program showing version 13743 and the webpage showing version 13742.] \\
  26. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1244 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Service release Misc. bug fixes
  27. And make sure you Backup! Backup! Backup! It saves so much hassle.
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