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  3. PrivacyGuard?

    Thanks for your reply! I understand you have bills to pay to help keep the lights on. Thanks again!
  4. PrivacyGuard?

    Hello Calistogo, Our Free Edition contains a banner advertisement for Privacy Guard on the bottom of the softwares main menu. Please note an advertisement does not mean its malware, or adware. Many programs have ads in them, such as Skype or many websites you regularly visit.
  5. PrivacyGuard?

    Why or when did Privacy Guard start displaying ads at the bottom of the SUPERAntiSpyware software program? I understand if you need to run ads for the software to keep the lights on. It just seems like a good vector for malware.
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  7. Constant error message during scan

    We are back All is well with SAS and I have already done 3 of my 5 computers.
  8. Constant error message during scan

    Awesome, thanks for the update and have a great walk!!!
  9. Constant error message during scan

    Sometimes it takes a bit for our CDN to get the update out. Be watching for "Database Version 13944" -- it's the latest and greatest.
  10. Constant error message during scan

    All is good. Many thanks. Now I can take Fred III (my avatar) for his walk.
  11. Constant error message during scan

    Thanks Don't see anything yet. I'm patient.
  12. Constant error message during scan

    Hi jadinolf, The update was released a little bit ago -- please restart the program and check for updates and you should be good to go! Regards, Geoff
  13. Constant error message during scan

    I was afraid no one would see my post so I'm surprised when I got responses. Waiting for the update now.
  14. Constant error message during scan

    Thanks for the quick report jadinofl!
  15. Constant error message during scan

    Well, thanks to both of you for your replies. That's good news and a relief for me and many others, I'm sure. Most appreciated. Enjoy the weekend.
  16. Constant error message during scan

    Thank you for contacting us. We have located the issue and it was an error with our morning update. We will be releasing the new update to fix the issue in less than an hour. Regards, SUPERAntiSpyware Customer Service
  17. Constant error message during scan

    Hi jadinolf You can submit the result and the team should be able to find what's causing it. Incidentally, is there anything in event viewer?
  18. This is a Pro Version that has been installed since 2012 and has done several scans every day since then. I have never gotten an error message before and am coming to you for help because I don't have a clue what to do. This is a Windows 7 x64 computer and I have completely uninstalled SAS and reinstalled with the same results. I have not installed any new programs yesterday or today. Anyone have any idea what my next move should be? Thanks
  19. Forum Theme

    I like it!
  20. Forum Theme

    @geoff What do you think of the theme above?
  21. Problem

  22. Problem

    Then that's probably why nothing is getting detected, I have a similar setup with Pale Moon browser. Just make sure you are using an AV in conjunction with SAS as they may search for different things.
  23. Problem

    No nothing found. But one of the things I think I changed on Chrome was to delete cookies when I closed browser.
  24. Forum Theme

    Not sure about cool themes for Invision but there may be something here in the demo ; https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8421-surface-dark/ just select the themes at the bottom of the demo, colour scheme might need tweaking though.
  25. Problem

    It could be that there is / are no problems to find. Are tracking cookies still detected?
  26. Problem

    Recently had an update to superantispyware, and also recently had made some changes to Chrome brower. Just change a few privacy settings. Dont think any of these caused a problem but wanted to mention. Anyway have been using superantispyware for years. Always seemed to work and never any problems. But now it never finds any problems to delete. I go to the same sites each day I have for years. And every day used to do a scan and it would always find something to delete. But now nothing. I also tried to reinstall the program and same result. Could the update have made the program useless? Thanks for any suggestions.
  27. Forum Theme

    If anyone has any cool dark themes that are compatible with Invision v4.2.3 link them! We are taking suggestions.
  28. Forum Theme

    I'll take a look at it with Geoff today.
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