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  3. Eliminate Scan/Update Window

    Hello CeeCee, I recommend changing your Scheduled Scan settings. Make sure your Scheduled Scan is set to automatically quarantine and remove items, as well as the option to Show program windows while scanning is unchecked. I also recommend in your Automatic Update settings, unchecking all options under the section "Malware Database Updates". This should remove most of the alert windows you are seeing.
  4. Eliminate Scan/Update Window

    Is there a way to stop the popup that occurs every time a scan runs, or every time the program updates? My other security suites don't force me to interact with them, limiting their opening up down in the tray, where they belong. When SAS does this, it's unnecessary and intrusive, and frequently forces me to close it, even though I didn't open it. There's nothing quite like being interrupted with a scan/update popup while seated across the room, watching a movie on my laptop via HDMI, then having to get up, pause my movie, close the box, then rewind to what I missed.
  5. It was using that definition and looking for that particular item on your machine, not that your machine is infected by it otherwise you would get an alert and could remove it post-scan.
  6. I was watching a scan and saw things like VirusTriggerLink2.1 but nothing seems to get detected by super or my anti virus and nothing exists at the end of the file path. Does it just show things its looking for sometimes?
  7. Question

    Yes, using Windows 10...I switched to Chrome temporarily and visited a number of sites, then scanned - found about 40 cookies so from what you are saying, "deprecated cookie" must mean that all cookies are combined into 1 file and then are deleted......?
  8. Question

    It sounds like you are using the Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition update which was released very recently. This update has changed how Internet Explorer and Edge stores its cookies. Cookies are no longer stored as individual files for those browsers, and thus SUPERAntiSpyware does not pick them up and remove them as they once did. What is left behind though is what is called a deprecated.cookie, which will continue to be found and removed by SUPERAntiSpyware. This question was previously answered here
  9. Question

    When I first subscribed to SUPERAntiSpyware all of the scans found anywhere from 20 to 75 items to quarantine, daily. About 2 months before the subscription was to expire it suddenly would only find 1 item to quarantine. This continued and when the subscription expired and I renewed it, it still only finds 1 item to quarantine.........my question is why suddenly it stopped finding things and constantly only finds 1.......?
  10. EIOUNUCYM virus

    frst fixlist benq Sorry its taken so long Benq, but was busy yesterday. Here is your fixlist for FRST, just drop it into the FRST folder and run Fix Also you should remove via Revo Uninstaller the following; TuneUp Utilities iMesh
  11. EIOUNUCYM virus

    Thanks for your answer! these are the files and a link to a screenshot of the cmd window https://www.dropbox.com/s/g97z09uz8zsg6ec/w5epmrye5a2k2rau.jpeg?dl=0 FRST.txt Addition.txt
  12. EIOUNUCYM virus

    Hi Benq, Can you download and run FRST and attach both log files back here Thanks https://support.malwarebytes.com/docs/DOC-1318
  13. Hi! I happend to download am exe file which installed mail.ru browser. I uninstalled it but a black window begun to pop up every time I started my computer. This window is a cmd.exe and says that EIONUCYM is downloading some files. I've run many antimalware programa but anytime I restart my computer and make another analisys infected files reappear. Please help me erase this annoying virus!
  14. Thank you for the screenshot BobW! Please open a tech support ticket with us by clicking here from the ticket we can take a look at the detection and see if it actually exists or if its a false positive. Regards
  15. Well it says its in a folder and its not there. I have nothing hidden in Folder Options. When I do a search its not there. Guess what. Its probably not there! Or this is some mysterious conspiracy destined to baffle the most brilliant minds. See screenshot. I did a scan, did what it recommended and restarted the computer then scanned again without a browser launching to get this. Forgot to mention in the original post that there is nothing online on rogue.ieantivirus. There is plenty on rogue.antivirus but not this. Hence my post here. BTW, is there any way of getting this forum to not implement 1.5 spacing when hitting the enter key?
  16. Hey BobW, Please provide a screenshot, if you don't know how use the guide linked below: ▷ How to take a screenshot
  17. Can you post a pic showing the file path SAS picks up? Thanks
  18. When I scan my drives SAS keeps on detecting something called rogue.ieantivirus but there's nothing like that in the folder it says its in. Actually there's only 1 folder in that folder and this thing isn't there. I've scanned several times. It keeps on saying its going to clean it out, and needs to restart which it does, and on the next scan there it is again. Anybody else experiencing this? Other AV scans don't detect this mysterious file. My computer has been acting very strange not resolving DNS addresses among other things. Something may be blocking C:\Windows\explorer.exe as it doesn't start when the computer starts. I have to start it using Task Manager, File, Open then things look normal.
  19. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1254 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Fixed cookie detection issue affecting Internet Explorer
  20. Waking computer from sleep mode

    Unchecked the "wake from sleep" box in scan settings. www.superantispyware.com/supportfaqdisplay.html?faq=46
  21. c:\>powercfg -lastwake shows SuperAntiSpyware is waking my system up from sleep mode which i do not want. safe to assume i can delete your entries in the local task scheduler in order not wake my system up when it is put in sleep mode? or is there another specific option/cfg? tia
  22. Hello xxrei42xx, If you have not already, please open a ticket HERE and we can send over a diagnostic tool and see what is going on.
  23. Yes, I’ve run Windows’ built in Disk Cleaner and run CCleaner as well, but the file hasn’t been removed and still is detected as Trojan.Agent/Generic. It isn’t a temp file so that might be the reason the cleanup didn’t get rid of it.
  24. Have you tried clearing your cache files? (Disk cleanup)
  25. I’ve run SUPERAntiSpyware’s full scan 6 times today, and each time it has picked up the same Trojan.Horse/Generic with a file path of LocalDisk(c:)/users/theon/AppData/local/vsakhpg/vsakhpg.exe It says it successfully quaranteened and removed it, and I restart my computer when it prompts me to, but if I run the scan again it finds it again. I’ve tried to submit the file to SUPERAntiSpyware through SUPERSampleSubmit but it says the file can not be located. Trying to manually delete, shred, or open the folder “vsakhpg” results in a “Location is not available” access denied box and I have no way to change it’s properties to gain access because it says I must have Read permissions to view the properties, which I should already have as the administrator. I’ve been trying to solve this all day and other antivirus/antimalware programs aren’t even picking it up, so any help would be great. I’m running Windows 10 on a Surface Pro and have the most updated version of windows and SUPERAntiSpyware.
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