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  3. “The HoeflerText Font Wasn’t Found” Google Chrome Malware Scam – What it is and how to avoid it! You are browsing the web and accidentally land on a website with nonsensical characters instead of letters and you receive a prompt to download a missing font in order to read the website. You are told in order to fix the error and display the text, you have to update the “Chrome Font Pack”. Whatever you do, please do not click that blue Update button! Fake Google Chrome Prompt asking you to install the malware It is a scam designed to trick users into installing malware onto their systems. This malware is ranging from Ransomware, to Trojans, to various adware bundles. How to avoid it The fake dialogue box informing you that the “The HoeflerText Font Wasn’t Found” will claim you are using Chrome version 53 even if you are not using that version, which tells you something isn’t right and that the prompt you are seeing is fake. Make sure you are using the latest version of Google Chrome which you can download by clicking here Make sure you are also using the latest version of SUPERAntiSpyware with Real-Time Protection enabled, a feature only available for SUPERAntiSpyware Professional users.
  4. No sarcasm, just surprised they would use Xvirus engine over a long term tried and trusted one. Not to mention Xvirus isn't actually an Antivirus, interesting to see if Santos builds it on C++ instead of .NET Framework he said he was looking into that and creating a portable version so time will tell.
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  6. Hey, easy on the sarcasm.
  7. Mouse over the link and see what the link address actually consists of, these are usually a completely different address. Check the email headers to see where they spawned from.
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  9. Tax Season is here – Watch out for Identity Stealing Spyware! Keep your personal information safe this tax season by doing a Free scan with SUPERAntiSpyware Free Edition We want to remind everyone that tax season is the time of increased attacks from spyware, various methods of phishing , and scams. Spyware and Malware authors significantly increase their activity during the tax season in order to try to steal data and withdraw money from bank accounts, steal credit cards, passwords, and other malicious acts. During this tax season its important to do a few things to help protect yourself online: 1) Make sure your Operating System and software applications such as web browsers and email clients are up to date. 2) Run a Complete Scan with SUPERAntiSpyware regularly with the latest updates, at least twice a week during this period of increased activity. 3) Be cautious before visiting strange websites, or opening strange email attachments. Think before you click! 4) Manually erase, or use privacy software, to delete sensitive data from you PC. Spyware cannot steal what isn’t there! 5) Lookout for spam phishing email impersonating government, bank, or tax company officials asking for sensitive information. Do you have any security recommendations that help you stay safe during the tax season? Feel free to leave a comment below! -SUPERAntiSpyware Team
  10. Hi, ok thanks I have opened a support ticket with them - hopefully this issue gets resolved so I may find out what is causing it and get rid of it if it is actual malware force crashing SUPERAntiSpyware from scanning after 6 hrs straight..... Or it might just be a bug that your scanner can't handle more than 1 million files? Or at least a very large amount of files as my scan settings are set to be as thorough as possible, ie do NOT skip files larger than 4MB, do NOT skip non executable files as examples..... I have linked them to this thread so they will know what I'm talking about and who I am...hehee... Thanks!
  11. Many thanks for your support.
  12. Hello Newbie12 - Please open a Technical Support ticket HERE
  13. Hello Girasole, Please open up your SUPERAntiSpyware Free software and on the main menu on the bottom right where it says "Click here to check for updates" please click that. This will check for updates for your free edition.
  14. I am new to this forum and would appreciate your help. How do I update my free edition of SUPERAntiSpyware, please? Girasole
  15. After attempting to scan 7 drives for any malware that SUPERAntiSpyware can pick up and remove before I execute them by accident unknowingly and infect my own computer, it just pops up with a error form say something happened and I needed to submit the report so that they can fix it up......but I can't as the computer is being scanned offline and therefore I can't really send the error report on the same PC.....if I can somehow take that error report from it and send it from a computer that DOES have internet connection - that could work...though I have no idea where the error reports are stored if they are even stored at all..... This is happened three times, so it either appears the scanner can't scan any longer than 6 hrs straight or else it will crash with an error report OR the program is NOT designed as a comprehensive anti-malware suite to remove ALL malware from the system and I should be using something else if scanning 7 drives with over 1 million files............. I've already gone through a Kaspersky scan and that came clean, Malwarebytes picked up a few backdoors and I removed them and now SUPERAntiSpyware which is my next step in line after Malwarebytes to pick up whatever those two couldn't but I can't even finish the scan without it crashing saying oh you have an error and the program cannot continue - would you like to submit this bug report? window....
  16. Hello Mardavia29, What version of the Norton software are you using, is it the latest? Are you using the latest definitions? Thanks!
  17. No worries thread closed.
  18. Hi GS, Thank you for your quick response. I have the windows 8.1. I'm okay now. It had something to do with window's audio being disabled while I was in safe mode. I have sound again.
  19. Hi bluebear, Selecting the thumbs up / down in system investigator will have no affect on the sound change. What OS are you using? Have you checked that the sound controls aren't muted?
  20. Hi - In using the free version, I must have clicked a thumbs down on my sound drivers. After running scan, removal, upon start up- i have no sound. No audio service. I reinstall the drivers and still nothing. I can't find where can I put a thumps up next to the real tek audio files. Thank you.
  21. If Norton flagged a file then it is a Norton issue not SAS, you should speak to Norton.
  22. Hi Guys Today i had the latest update SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1236 on my Windows XP desktop and downloaded it but i received a warning from Norton Internet Security that the following file SONAR.AM.Clgl was not SAFE and must be removed (Recommended) which i have done. Has anyone else had problems with this latest SuperantiSpyware update please.
  23. SUPERAntiSpyware 6.0.1236 is now available for downloading from our main site and the update servers. Technology Changes Added the option to allow an exception for SUPERAntiSpyware in the Windows Firewall (Help screen) Consolidate the troubleshooting options into one Safe Mode Scan checkbox (Help screen) Streamline registration code entry (Help screen) Workaround for an issue where SUPERAntiSpyware will not start if the user elects to run as Administrator under the Compatability tab Refinements to cookie scanning and detection logic Numerous small cosmetic fixes including updated copyright dates and a link to our Facebook page Misc. bug fixes
  24. Hello xJATOx Thank you for your suggestion, I will be forwarding it to our web site development team and see what they think! Cheers.
  25. Really? Opswat is using Xvirus??? Surprising!
  26. Can you please add the SHA256 to the download page of your product?? I think its a very good idea being your product security related. I want to be sure that the file i download its the original and not a falsification. I think that is needed cause your website its not secured with https. The thing is that im running OPSWAT Metadefender Client right now, cause i think my PC can be compromised, and it shows that SASCORE64.exe is detected as a threat by the Xvirus Engine, and the only thing i got to decide if it is or not, is the SHA256 of SASCORE64.exe, (CB22723678B514277BC6E6DDDD206F3B2377CD889C9D473A47A7056BE597BC6B), but i got no way to know the real SHA256 of your file, so i thought to reinstall your product, but cannot be sure to download the good one, cause i can be infected and there is no SHA256 of the installation file of SUPERAntispyware, so if you add it, we all could download SAS more safely. Thanks for your time.
  27. OK, that makes me feel a little better.
  28. Will do
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